Date : August 20-25, 2023
Venue : Waseda University, Tokyo

Venue : Waseda University

Drawings by Professor Emeritus Ken Yabuno, with his permission and copyright reserved 
Okuma Auditorium

We plan to use 14 university buildings for ICIAM 2023. The buildings of Waseda University’s main campus are located close together, providing easy access from one building to another.
Most attractive points of this venue are:

  • 1. Affordable
    offered for ICIAM 2023 without a fee
  • 2. Dignity
    one of the largest and oldest research universities in Japan
  • 3. Historical
    founded in 1882 by the former prime minister of Japan, Shigenobu Okuma
  • 4. Large and compact
    All of the rooms are situated in a 500 sqm area and can accommodate at least 70 parallel sessions
  • 5. Rich experience
    hosted various international congresses on the scale of many thousands of participants on information technology, electronics, physics, etc
Name of roomCapacityNo.
New Memorial Hall 60001
Okuma Auditorium Hall15001
Masaru Ibuka Auditorium7001
Lecture theatre5009
Medium lecture room 150-20027
Small lecture room100-15039
Meeting room30-100140

Host Organization

JSIAM, the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

MSJ, the Mathematical Society of Japan